A Meteor Year Ahead for “Betrayed” Actress Rose Di Nardo

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If you haven’t heard the name Rose Di Nardo yet, just wait until you start hearing more about
her latest projects.

Rose Di Nardo is not just another actress on the rise: she is an accomplished film and television
actress who’s known for giving performances in movies like “The Mad Whale” alongside James
Franco and in hit TV shows like “Betrayed” which she starred in during the 2018 season
premiere. But as casting in the industry changes, Rose is an example of an actress who is
changing with it.

Just last year, Di Nardo wrote her first feature screenplay “A Sequoia on Fire” which she then
produced and wrote a sizzle for. Her screenplay is about a young, small-town, writer Sadie who
decides she has nothing to lose upon not being able to pay her rent and travels across the
country to California in search of freedom through the open road.

After a year of shopping around her material, Di Nardo is excited to announce she will be
starring in the film later this year. “A Sequoia on Fire” is rumored for a limited theatrical and VOD
release in 2020.

In Hollywood today, you can’t just sit around and wait for opportunity to come your way. You
have to make it happen yourself. Rose Di Nardo is doing exactly that, and we can’t wait to see
her movie when it is in out in theaters next year.

Rose has won multiple awards as an actress, most recently a New York Film Award and a
Global Film Fest Award for her critically-acclaimed short “The Guitar.”

You can learn more about her at www.rosedinardo.com or follow her on social media