Alana Hutton-Shaw’s FINDING DAD is a heartfelt tale about a woman who goes on an extraordinary adventure to find the dad she never met

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Writer/Director Alana Hutton Shaw’s FINDING DAD is a heartfelt quest for one woman’s sense of identity, caught in the grips of grief, she goes searching for her estranged father. The film was inspired by the director’s own experiences of searching for her biological dad and the film is set in London’s East End, on the exact same street, where she found him. After an already impressive run on the festival circuit, this must-see film will screen at the Oscar-qualifying Indyshorts Film Festival.

It’s Christmas and Anita’s mum just died unexpectedly. With nothing left but her father’s name scribbled on a piece of paper, she and her BFF descend on the East End to find the dad she’s never met.

Alana Hutton-Shaw is an emerging talent. FINDING DAD (2021) is her debut narrative piece. She has previously written and directed a slate of commercials and has performed regularly as a stand-up comedian in NYC. She is now signed by Dench Arnold and working on the series development of Finding Dad, Finding Fam.

The Film stars Daisy Fairclough (Idris Elba’s Just Charlie) and Genesis Lynia (Netflix’s Shadow and Bone, Silent Witness). The stunning cinematography was created by Jordan Clarke and FINDING DAD was produced by Bona Orakwue.
FINDING DAD has been part of the official selection at numerous high-profile film festivals including Leeds International Film Festival where it was nominated for Best Short and was awarded a special mention, as well as British Shorts Berlin where it was nominated for a Jury Award. It was also selected for the Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles, the Poppy Jasper Festival, Seattle Black Film Festival, the Toronto Black Film Festival and more.
The short will screen at Indyshorts in July.