Amusia – In official selection ‘FIRST WORKS COMPETITION’ at Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival

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UMI Films, Rai Cinema and MIC have today released the first trailer and official artwork for AMUSIA. The film, directed by Marescotti Ruspoli, will celebrate its’ World Premiere at the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival on November 18th.

AMUSIA from the Greek a-musia, meaning a lack of harmony, is a biological musical disorder that causes inability to process, understand and recognize music.

In a world saturated with music, AMUSIA tells the story of a girl who is born without the means to hear it.
 The disease is called Amusia. It exists but nobody knows about it and it tortures her but nobody believes it. She had a lonely childhood which she spent defending herself from accusations and prejudice. The disease, and lack of acceptance, push her to run away, finding herself in a forgotten suburban neighbourhood. There she befriends a boy who is fighting his own solitude through music as he tries to prevent his own dreams from rotting away.
A love story between two people that turn out to be not so different after all.

Excited about the upcoming premiere producer Lorenzo Fiuzzi said “Making a film is never easy, much less if it is a first feature. It’s a journey full of obstacles, made of many “noes” and few “yeses”, but if you are as lucky as I was, as I was able to share this adventure with my partners and friends, the producer Bardo Tarantelli and the director Marescotti Ruspoli, then it’s easy to forget about all the efforts, and think only of the satisfaction of what we’ve accomplished, and see how much we have grown doing it. It was a long and fun rollercoaster ride, and we are ready to go up again.”

Also thrilled about Amusia’s World premiere at Tallinn Film Festival, Director Marescotti Ruspoli said “Making a film is a gradual, slow, difficult process. Yet the most wonderful aspect is in the challenges along the way. Amusia’s has been generated by an idea, thrown onto a blank, threatening sheet of paper, and finally shared with two friends: my producers. Thinking back on the path of our film, it is incredible where that blank sheet of paper, which is nothing more than a dream in search of a life of its own, led us, what it made us feel, who it made us meet”.

AMUSIA will celebrate its’ World Premiere at the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival on November 18th –