Ask Me to Dance – Romantic Comedy, starring Kurt Angle, Briana Evigan & Tom Malloy gets digital release

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A retired professional wrestler and Olympic Gold Medalist – a title he notoriously achieved whilst suffering from a broken neck.

Born in Pennsylvania, in 1968, Kurt is the youngest of five children. It was his boisterous childhood, the influence of his older brothers who wrestled, and his determination to step out from under their shadows that got him into wrestling and football. He later became the first wrestler ever to hold the WCW and WWF Championships during the same calendar year, earning the status of one of the most widely recognized wrestlers of all time.

After a world-renowned eight-year career with WWF and WWE, Kurt’s journey continued with TNA in 2006, going on to become the second-ever TNA Triple Crown Champion in the promotion’s history and the first to hold all three TNA championships simultaneously.

Kurt is also recognised nationally and internationally for his acting abilities on screen.

Studying under Kathryn Spitz and participating at the Conservatory of Performing Arts at Point Park University in Pittsburgh, Kurt derives great enjoyment working both in front of and behind the camera.

He made his film acting debut in 2009, playing a deputy in the short film Chains and a maniacal serial killer in End Game. Kurt’s most featured role was in Lionsgate’s film, Warrior, acting alongside Tom Hardy, as a Russian mixed-martial arts champion.

Kurt also made an appearance on the 2013 Michael Bay film Pain and Gain, featuring Mark Walberg and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Other notable films Kurt has featured in include: Beyond The Mat, Death from Above, and Martin Glover’s film directorial debut ‘The Lighthouse’, with Danny Glover in 2012.

in addition to his film roles, Kurt has featured on a number of TV series including Emergency:LA, WWE Monday Night Raw, O.K K.O! Let’s Be Heroes, Ride Along.

Kurt also works as a stunt co-ordinator, working on Pain and Gain and Death From Above. He has been the executive producer for Waking Up.