David Tennant and Stanley Tucci star in acclaimed series INSIDE MAN on Blu-ray, DVD and Download 9th October

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Dazzler Media presents critically acclaimed drama, Inside Man, starring David Tennant and Stanley Tucci, coming to Blu-ray, DVD and Download from 9th October!

From the makers of Sherlock, a convicted murderer on Death Row, a Vicar in a quiet English town, and a maths teacher trapped in a cellar cross paths in the most unexpected way…

Steven Moffat’s devilish and critically acclaimed drama delivers incredible performances from BAFTA winner David Tennant (Good Omens), Emmy winner Stanley Tucci (Supernova), Dolly Wells (The Outlaws) and Lydia West (It’s A Sin).

Dazzler Media presents Inside Man on Blu-ray, DVD and Download-to-Own from 9th October

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yASwk4OSQDY
Amazon: www.amazon.co.uk/Inside-Man-DVD-David-Tennant/dp/B0BR899QX1