Double Exposure | World Premiere at Raindance Film Festival 24th June

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Double Exposure, starring Alexander Calvert (Supernatural) and Caylee Cowan (Willy’s Wonderland), will celebrate its World Premiere at Raindance Film Festival on 24th June.

Nominated for the Spirit of Raindance Award Double Exposure delves into the enigma of survivors guilt.

When Peter’s (Alexander Calvert) ex-girlfriend Sara (Caylee Cowan) shows up in his life unexpectedly, the past and present mysteriously collide. The struggling artist grapples with guilt over what happened to his first love.

Speaking on his work, director Howard Goldberg (Jake Squared) said “I’ve always been attracted to things that were different. Don’t get me wrong – I love Hollywood films — big adventures, dark mysteries, sweeping sagas — I just never seem to gravitate towards making them. My films have always been, shall we say, quirky. Loved by many and hated by just as many! As it should be…

…Double Exposure is a surreal film where the past and present collide as a man struggles so hard with the guilt he feels over the ex-girlfriend he could not save, that he cannot fully be with the woman he marries. The script has been described by one reader as ‘David Fincher meets Christopher Nolan inside an M.C. Escher painting.’ Yeah, I like that.”

Award Nominated Double Exposure will celebrate its World Premiere at Raindance Film Festival on the 24th June!