DUST and The Pitch present the multi award-winning sci-fi short PULSAR

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DUST and The Pitch present the multi award-winning sci-fi shortPULSAR, from writer/director Aurora Fearnley, starring Jessie Buckley (Wild Rose) and David Gyasi (Interstellar).

PULSAR – the acclaimed sci-fi short from Aurora Fearnley – is making its debut on the hit YouTube channel DUST on May 2.

Distributors are Gunpowder & Sky.
The film stars David Gyasi as an intergalactic peacemaker who rejects his final mission to save an endangered planet – and jeopardises the all-female ex-convicts crew of the spacecraft he’s stowed away on.

Loosely based on the story of Jonah, Pulsar was made through The Pitch, a film fund that provides a £30,000 budget for emerging filmmakers to create visionary short films based on Bible stories.

Previous critical successes from The Pitch include Promise and Leash, while Pulsar itself has played over 30 festivals worldwide – including Portland, Flickers’ Rhode Island, Kerry and Trieste Science+Fiction – and won numerous awards, including Best Actor for David Gyasi and Best VFX.

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