Emotive Drama ‘Together’ Re-released due to Popular Demand

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Together is an emotive British film drama that challenges the bureaucracy of the social care system and is directed by Paul Duddridge. Peter Bowles and Sylvia Syms lea a Steller cast in this critically acclaimed indie movie. It was first released in January 2018 but underwent a resurgence in the US DVD market during the Covid-19 lockdown and will now be re-released to buy on digital download due to popular demand.

Together is a heart-tugging story centred on the issue of elderly abuse. Phil (Bowles) and Rose (Syms) are a married couple who are separated by an unjust care system when Rose finds herself in hospital after a minor injury. Phil must fight to prevent his wife of over sixty years from being moved into a nursing home without him.

‘They have to prove they have their S*** Together in order to stay Together.’

The film was produced and directed by Paul Duddridge.

Director Paul Duddridge says: ‘I love a comeback story. The fact that seniors in the USA have discovered this little British movie on DVD is such a wonderful surprise. Maybe the theme is that there is always someone in authority who knows better than you how to live your life and found its audience during the lockdown. I am so proud to be able to re-release this movie in the hope that it continues to find its audience. ‘

To stream and download Together visit: https://www.together65.com

Available now to buy and rent from Amazon Prime, ITunes/Apple, Google Play and YouTube.