EXCLUSIVE: Award winning producer Amar Adatia tells all about his star-studded film Dead Ringer

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Award winning filmmaker and actor Amar Adatia’s latest film Dead Ringer is set to be released in September, we had a chat with him to find out more about the film! 

Q. How is the reception been for the Dead Ringer trailer

It’s only been a week and we have had some amazing press response so far… this is just the beginning and I’m so excited for the premiere in September. This is by far my best work so just excited for people to see what we have created.

Q. What was the funniest moment on the Dead Ringer set?

Well when your making a movie your with the cast and crew for 12 hours a day for 6-8 weeks you get to know everyone very well… slowly you become a little family and constantly are laughing with funny takes or just set humor in general. It’s like having your  brothers or sisters on set always causing mischief but always in the end we get the work done. When your waking up everyday doing what you love there’s always a smile on my face. 

Q. How did you find and pick locations for the film?

Well once I had read the script I always picture what locations I know personally first of all then when I can’t imagine a place I know I will literally search the internet for locations we can potentially use. It’s a fun thing doing location scouting especially on this one as we shot some in Florida so this for me was a first shooting one of my films for such a long time abroad. I always get advice and help along the way from my team and people are always throwing out ideas for different locations. But if one doesn’t fit I always keep it in mind for future films. 

Q. How will Dead Ringer differ from your last film Dangerous Game?

Well I’m proud of both and they are so different in comparison to each other. I have used a few of the same cast again as I’m a loyal producer but each person are playing totally different characters from the previous. Dangerous game is as set in the football world and Dead Ringer is set in the pop world. So both have glamour and glitz and hopefully when the movie is released you will see the highs and lows of the industry along with the fame and glamour. 

Q. Is there a Dead Ringer 2 in the works already ?

Well the script has been written and a lot of the cast will return. I guess it’s always a producers dream to make a second or a third part to the franchise so yes fingers crossed Dead Ringer does well so we can make the second one for sure.

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