Frankenstein Legacy: Philip Martin Brown, Juliet Aubrey & Michelle Ryan star in new fear-filled feature – on digital 4 March

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Beware Frankenstein Legacy as director Paul Dudbridge (Fear the Invisible Man) reanimates the legend with a brand-new fear-filled period feature, that stars a stellar cast of acting talent and is brought to life on digital this March thanks to 101 Films.

England, 1875. A century after Victor Frankenstein’s doomed experiment, his journals have traded hands for decades. Stolen at knifepoint, traded in shadowy back alleys and chased by a shadowy cabal who want them destroyed. Now, in the hands of gifted scientist Millicent Browning (Juliet Aubrey), what darkness is set the befall her?
Millicent’s beloved husband (Philip Martin Brown) is desperately ill with a degenerative disease and she will stop at nothing in her determination to find a cure before it’s too late. Their son William (Matt Barber), a doctor in the local asylum, voices his concerns but she pays no heed.

When her husband kills himself, she finally snaps, disappearing into an unhealthy obsession that sees her spending every waking hour devouring the journals for answers. Driven by a desperate need to keep her husband by her side forever, she digs up his body and must find new flesh to restore him… but with her son’s suspicions increasing, will she find the bodies she needs to create her Monster?

If she can bring him back to life – what will he become in a body without a soul?

Frankenstein Legacy is a disturbing take on a twisted tale that will chill you to your very bones.

Released on digital 4 March 2024