From Dwayne Johnson, YOUNG ROCK Season One lands on Blu-ray & DVD from 11th April

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Dazzler Media presents the smash hit first season of Young Rock on Blu-ray and DVD from 11th April. Inspired by the formative years of global superstar Dwayne Johnson, the second season is about to premiere in the US and coming soon to the UK.

From global superstar Dwayne Johnson and Nahnatchka Khan (creator of Fresh Off the Boat) comes Young Rock, a single-camera comedy series inspired by Johnson’s formative years. Every legend has a beginning.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson stars in a larger-than-life family comedy based on outrageous stories of his youth. This coming-of-age journey highlights the unforgettable moments and incredible relationships that took Dwayne from ordinary kid to extraordinary superstar – revealing he’s more like us than we know.

Dazzler Media presents Young Rock: Season One on Blu-ray & DVD from 11th April

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