Homeless short film DELETED heads for festival circuit

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“According to the OfRice for National statistics in December 2018, 597 homeless
people have been found dead in the UK.”

An evermore-bureaucratic system instigated by the Government is causing British people to choose a life on the streets than dependent on a suppressive benefits system.

Deleted is a documentary following the last Rive hours of a 59-year-old man (Ahmed Siddiqi) before he becomes homeless due to the late payments and suspensions set by the department for Works and Pensions (DWP)

The Rilm highlights the current situation surrounding the DWP and its lack of support for vulnerable people, which allow people like Ahmed to become homeless. The increasing computerisation and lack of human communication making it increasingly difficult for people dependent on the benefits system to have access to the help when they need it.

Ahmed’s story is a representation of the thousands across the United Kingdom that are confronted with the prospected of homelessness and the negligence of the Government in allowing it
to perpetuate.

In May ‘Deleted’ will be making its premier at the British Independent Film Festival as well as the ofRicial selection for Sunderland Shorts Film Festival. It is also prospected to be screened at both national and international Rilm festivals in 2019.

The Rilm is produced and directed by Stephan Pierre Mitchell who is a founding member of Elicit Pictures. Stephan Pierre Mitchell graduated from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in 2016. He also gained a masters degree (MA screen) at Drama Centre London – UAL.

Elicit Pictures was foundered in 2017 alongside fellow producer on Deleted, Andre Fyffe and writer, Dee Williams. The production company aims to create Rilms that tell provocative stories and highlight societal issues.

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