Horror house Bad Blood Films announces UK Cineworld release for its first film – Sacrilege

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UK horror outfit Bad Blood Films has secured a nationwide Cineworld release throughout the UK, set for 6th March 2020 at selected sites.

Latest release ‘Sacrilege‘ follows the British production company’s script-to-screen business model, which provides a profitable, all-encompassing end-to-end approach to production. Spearheaded by co-founders Mark Kenna and David Creed, it places a focus on sustainability while keeping to a realistic budget.

Bad Blood Films approaches its business model with an array of international inspirations. The concept takes the US studio model of acumen and scalability and the Scandinavian model of agile team efficiency and combines the two with the classic British model of creativity that utilises the country’s world-renowned pool of talent.

Co-founder and producer, Mark, explains, “We’re delighted that this film has already secured UK distribution with Cineworld. It comes at just the right time for UK film. We know the industry is going through massive changes. You need to think big. It’s not just about getting your film made. That’s only the beginning.”

He goes on to add, “You need to be savvy about marketing, distribution and sales to provide your investors with healthy returns. We combine creative freedom and deliver high-quality films based on realistic budgets.”

As co-founder and director David, adds, “Bad Blood Films is built on innovative contributors here in the South West. We’re always looking to push the boundaries in filmmaking. Whether being the first film production company to use a robot dolly (MotionImpossible), sourcing cast members from new platform (WeAudition), or partnering with cutting-edge cloud post-production company (Sundog). It’s all part of our mission to use homegrown talent and resources.”

With their latest release, ‘Sacrilege’ being crewed, directed, filmed and produced in the South West of the UK, Bad Blood Films is already proving that concept. Creed describes the new film as ‘The Ritual (2017)’ meets ‘Eden Lake (2009)’, tapping into the popular  folklore horror sub-genre reignited by Ari Aster’s Misommar (2019) for the younger audiences, they’re looking to be scared just as much as we are.

Mark explains how Bad Blood Films are using technologies to raise the bar in horror: “Sacrilege is mixed in Dolby Atmos for an incredibly immersive sound experience. This format was made for horror and Sacrilege is made for the big screen. Our mix of well-established and emerging technologies is just one of the ways we can encourage change in our industry. And there are many more.”


Four scripts are in final development and Bad Blood Films is seeking investment to produce two films in 2020 and three films in 2021. Investors can find out more about the finance packages by emailing the company at  [email protected]
For more information, visit  www.badbloodfilms.com