Inside indie film FAULTY ROOTS

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Indie film Faulty Roots has welcomed more success!

The film follows two teens with different genetic conditions who are forced to form a friendship.
London actress & filmmaker Ella Greenwood wrote, directed and produced the film aged only 18. She wanted to make a film on depression in teens and to raise awareness for mental health problems.
Faulty Roots has been nominated for Best Film Script by Film The House. The Awards Ceremony took place at the Houses of Parliament earlier this week.
Lola, a young girl with depression, is told by her mother to do something productive during the long holidays. She suggests spending some time with Zack, a childhood friend who Lola
hasn’t seen in ages and though reluctant to accept at first, Lola finally agrees to get her mother off her case. The two teens each have genetic conditions which affect their lives in different ways and as they spend more time together, they start to grow fonder of each other, though Lola hates to admit it to her mother.

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