Inside Raya Films’ upcoming feature length film CYBERLANTE

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CYBERLANTE is a feature-length film produced by Raya Films exploring the world of cybercrime and hacking for good… and evil…

This crime thriller tells the story of Matt (Gavin Gordon), a mysterious young man who moves to a new town to work in a low-level job in an isolated hotel, run by unsympathetic bully, Clayton Kendall (Mark Peachey) who holds deadly secrets of his own.

Co-starring Emily Haigh, Mia Mills, Tiberius Russo and John Savage, Cyberlante was shot in the East Midlands, UK.

James Smith and Caroline Spence are a writer/director and screenwriter/producer partnership who work under the banner of Raya Films.

Caroline comments “We can now proudly state that our debut feature film Do Something, Jake is an award winner, which, after packed theatrical screenings, has been signed up for worldwide distribution. Female-led Euro thriller Agent Kelly comes hot on Jake’s heels (World Premiere, spring 2020), and Cyberlante is our third feature film, which we also want to screen and release online in 2020.”