Jimmy Wang Yu’s spectacular, action-packed grindhouse flick ONE ARMED BOXER gets Blu-ray release

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Eureka Entertainment to release ONE ARMED BOXER, a bold and relentless kung-fu extravaganza, presented on Blu-ray (a worldwide debut of this brand-new restoration on home video) as part of the Eureka Classics range from 24 May 2021. The first print run of 2000 copies will feature a Limited-Edition O-card Slipcase, Collector’s Booklet and Reversible Poster.

Jimmy Wang Yu (One-Armed Swordsman, Master of the Flying Guillotine) stars as Yu Tien Lung, a top martial artist who after incurring the wrath of a local gang leader, is attacked by a team of deadly mercenaries and has his right arm violently severed. Yu Tien soon trains his remaining arm to be stronger than ever, and goes on a rip-roaring rampage of revenge!

Featuring a multitude of unique and inventive fight scenes against opponents from around the world including Japanese and Okinawan karate experts, Tibetan monks, Thai kick-boxers, and Indian Yoga experts, One Armed Boxer is one of the most influential and exciting martial arts films of the 70s. Eureka Classics is proud to present the worldwide debut of a brand-new restoration from the original film elements on Blu-ray.

One Armed Boxer (Eureka Classics) New & Exclusive Trailer https://youtu.be/dRKX5m0dGS8

Available to order from:

Eureka Store https://eurekavideo.co.uk/movie/one-armed-boxer/