Johnnie To Director Retrospective at the Prince Charles Cinema

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The Prince Charles Cinema in London will be showing three iconic films by Hong Kong director Johnnie To from 7 – 14 July, as part of a retrospective titled ‘The Heroic Mission’.

A favourite filmmaker of director Quentin Tarantino, these films identify three important stages of To’s creative career alongside the development of the Hong Kong cinema industry. Presented by UK-China Film Collab and Trinity CineAsia, this programme provides a wider context of the societal changes in Hong Kong in recent decades. It wishes to inspire a new scope for discussion, in reflection of a revolutionary time.

Films screening:

Life Without Principle (2011) – Thursday 7 July, 6.00pm
Starring Lau Ching Wan (Mad Detective, Call of Heroes), Richie Jen (The Sniper, Exiled)

Running on Karma (2003) – Tuesday 12 July, 6.30pm
Starring Andy Lau (House of Flying Daggers, Infernal Affairs), Cecilia Cheung (Legendary Amazons, The Promise)

Breaking News (2004) – Thursday 14 July, 8.30pm
Starring Richie Jen, Kelly Chen (An Empress and the Warriors, Infernal Affairs), Nick Cheung (Beast Stalker, Connected)