Maia Films Acquires Spectrecom Education

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In response to evolving industry demands, leading film and educational content provider based in central London – Spectrecom Education Ltd. – has been bought out by Maia Films Ltd. and will now be operating under that name.

This change has effectively rebranded the business; it reflects the company’s ambitious goal of expanding their content production from higher education towards a wider remit that encompasses eLearning, charities and beyond. The name Maia (pronounced my-uh) is the Maori word for “brave”; chosen by Managing Director, Kathy Bird, who was born in New Zealand. Bird puts particular emphasis on the company’s mission to produce “brave films, crafted with care” under their new banner.

This presents an exciting time in the company’s history; Maia Films will now be able to take on bolder, more diverse projects that make an impact and reflect a higher quality of work. Maia Films will be redefining its focus and exploring new avenues of content creation. Further resources will be supplied in order to boost production, along with technical and creative workforces.

Maia Films’ new website highlights prestigious clients they have serviced in the past including Tusk Trust, King’s College London, Virgin Active and MacMillan Cancer Support.

On the outcome business change Managing Director, Kathy Bird, remarks: “We are extremely confident in our choice to revive the business after buying its assets. As Maia Films Ltd. we are working under a new ethos, which will allow us to be more creative, deliver exceptional results and create content that is brave in every sense of the word.

“Recognising the strong demand for video production companies and studios across the capital, we will provide premium facilities and unbeatable customer experience. We pride ourselves on our ability to recognise and nurture talent. All of our teams are all extremely dedicated to their work and are experts in their fields. We intend to embrace the latest technology and techniques, ensuring that we are always one step ahead of our competitors.”

As a result of the expansion, Kennington Film Studios has also been born – a sister company that will manage the expansive film and TV studios within the 4,500 sq ft complex in central London. Clients can benefit from the three sound treated studios, green rooms, production suites and other modern facilities housed there.

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