Mean Streets’ ‘Martin Scorsese’s miraculous early masterpiece…a blistering classic’ gets a Limited Edition Dual 4K UHD and Blu-ray Box Set

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From the legendary director who needs no introduction – Martin Scorsese – comes his tour de force Mean Streets, the film that placed him firmly on the path to becoming one of the most-lauded filmmakers of his generation. This early work gave a glimpse of a true master at work and also showcased the fledgling careers of two Hollywood powerhouses Harvey Keitel and Robert De Niro, in their first ever movie appearance together.

Now to celebrate its 50th Anniversary Mean Street gets a brand new 4K restoration supervised by Scorsese himself. It’s time to experience this seminal movie, like never seen before with a brand-new Limited Edition version from masters in the field Second Sight Films. This genuine must-have collector’s edition arrives on 15 January 2024, and comes stacked with a host of special features that really mean business.

Set in Little Italy, we follow the lives of four 20-somethings, who are finding their way in the world, from small-time crooks to aspiring gangsters. There’s Johnny Boy (Robert De Niro), an irresponsible thug with a track record of blowing things up and ripping off loan sharks, his friend Charlie (Harvey Keitel), the dapper nephew of mafia boss Giovanni (Cesare Danova), who’s trying his best to avoid a life of crime, with aspirations of running his own restaurant. We also meet with Tony (David Proval – The Shawshank Redemption) who runs the neighbourhood bar; and Michael (Richard Romanus – The Sopranos) a loan shark who targets gullible teens from Brooklyn.

Born into the criminal fraternity, Charlie battles with his guilty conscience as he tries to save his wayward friend Johnny Boy from the world of crime that he so desperately wants to escape.

The film is presented in a new 4K restoration that has been supervised and approved by the director himself along with collaborator Thelma Schoonmaker. The Limited Edition box set comes in a rigid slipcase with original artwork and presented as a dual format edition. The UHD and Blu-ray both include the main feature and bonus features and the UHD is presented in Dolby Vision HDR with restored original mono audio. There’s a new audio commentary by Demetrios Matheou and David Thompson, scene specific audio commentary with Martin Scorsese and actor Amy Robinson plus interviews. There’s also a feature-length documentary, a 178-page book featuring new essays and much more.