New to Netflix: The Psychopath Life Coach Lewis Raymond Taylor – From Prisoner to Prophet or Profiteer?

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Launching on 22nd November 2023 on Netflix, dive into the twisted world of ‘The Psychopath Life Coach’, a chilling new documentary by Camelot Films exposing the dark underbelly of self help.

It’s said that 1% of the world’s population are psychopaths – is it possible they assume positions of power, charming their way to the top and controlling the masses? But what if a psychopath was right beside you? Perhaps a colleague, a friend, a loved one or even your Life Coach motivating you at your lowest moment?

At the heart of this documentary is Lewis Raymond Taylor – a name that evokes wonder and wariness in equal measure. Founder of multi million dollar life coaching academy The Coaching Masters, get ready to unravel the story of a charming manipulator, or traumatised do-gooder, who blurs the line between egotistical and empowerment. Be prepared to question everything you thought you knew about the life coaching industry, or even humanity, in this spine-tingling exploration of manipulation, narcissism, and the pursuit of power.

Haunted by a tumultuous childhood tainted by mental illness, sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional neglect and profound trauma, to a rebellious adolescence riddled with addiction and the loss of his father to cancer – Lewis’s path seemed set for perpetual darkness and self sabotage.

His life choices, leading to multiple prison sentences for grave offences such as Grievous Bodily Harm, only painted a bleaker picture, especially following his clinical diagnoses of Antisocial Personality Disorder, Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder, and Bipolar Type 2 otherwise known as a psychopath while imprisoned.

During his third time in prison at the age of 24 Lewis decided he wasn’t going to continue to follow this dark path and pledged to himself to make a change.

From these depths, he soared, creating the monolithic empire ‘The Coaching Masters’, a $25 million dollar life coaching academy and global community spanning 85 countries – that some including previous members describe as ‘a cult.’ This empire didn’t just bring financial success; it ushered Lewis into an elite circle of influence. With well-known faces analysing this phenomenon, The Psychopath Life Coach hears from Celebrity Big Brother Psychologist, Geoff Beatie, Former Dragons Den Investor, Richard Mcfarleigh, and never-before-seen interviews from those whose lives were either saved or scarred. Discussions are also raised exploring the notion of psychopaths as entrepreneurs, and how typical psychopathic traits such as determination, unrelenting focus and lack of empathy can help build the most successful businesses.

The Psychopath Life Coach peels back the mask on psychopathy and allows viewers to form their opinion: Has Lewis genuinely evolved, casting aside his psychopathic traits? Or, with his intricate understanding of the human mind, has he masterfully crafted a narrative, seducing the world with his charisma for his own gain? The documentary also nudges viewers to reflect not merely on Lewis’s life tapestry, but to confront the uncomfortable truths about society, their loved ones, and perhaps, even themselves.

The Psychopath Life Coach drops on Netflix on the 22nd November 2023