October New Releases on Rakuten TV – Halloween Themed Titles Batman: Death In The Family and Kevin Bacon’s You Should Have Left as well as A Call To Spy, Dinner With Friends and more

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Audiences can cozy up this October with a selection of
thrilling new titles available on Rakuten TV. Viewers can get ready for a Halloween themed
fright-fest, with something for everyone from fun, family kids titles to eerie and tense thrillers.

Skipping cinemas and jumping straight to digital are fantastic brand new releases Happy
Halloween, Scooby Doo!, Batman: A Death In The Family, Dinner With Friends, A Call
To Spy, You Should Have Left, Cut Throat City and Henchmen. October is also bringing
exciting new releases to Rakuten TV’s Starzplay section
including crime drama Power Book II: Ghost and part two of the much-anticipated historical
drama The Spanish Princess.

Welcoming audiences into a truly spooky October is You Should Have Left, the terrifying
psychological thriller starring Kevin Bacon and Amanda Seyfried. From the director of The
Invisible Man, this adaptation of Daniel Kehlmann’s eerie novella is sure to keep audiences
up at night. When troubled married couple Theo (Bacon) and Susanna (Seyfried) escape to
the Welsh countryside with their daughter, hoping for a much needed break, things don’t go
exactly as planned when they begin to realize that something isn’t quite right in their new
home. Neurotic Theo, looking to escape from his intense nightmares and suffocating paranoia,
spirals deeper and deeper into an unnerving state of terror, and viewers are left wondering,
what is this house, and what’s it’s relationship to Theo?

Halloween family fun is on the cards with Happy Halloween, Scooby Doo!. Everyone’s
favourite mystery gang is back with all the spooky-fun you’d expect from Scooby Doo and his
pals. With fun costumes and candies galore, Scooby and Shaggy’s favourite holiday is upon
them! But this year, the neighborhood pumpkin patch becomes infected with toxic ooze,
creating a monstrous pumpkin leader and terrifying Jack-o-lantern army. It’s up to Scooby and
the gang to solve this mystery! Packed with hilarity, fun plot-twists and captivating animation,
this is the family title for audiences this October.

Brought to audiences by music-producer and director RZA, his third feature Cut Throat City
follows the lives of four young black men in New Orleans, navigating the devastating after
effects of Hurricane Katrina. Out of options and with their lives hanging in the balance, they
reluctantly accept to pull off a dangerous heist. But the aftermath isn’t pretty, with a fatal
shootout and an intensifying police investigation. A heist movie like no other; combining
action-packed and thrilling, with hard hitting societal issues such as systemic racism,
capitalism, gentrification and poverty.

DC comic fans are in for a treat with Batman: Death In The Family coming to the platform.
Based on the original comic book run and Vietti’s 2010 Batman: Under the Red Hood animated
movie, Batman: Death In The Family weaves together five fascinating tales from the iconic DC
canon, with Death In The Family at the centre-piece. The story-line promises to be packed
with dramatic twists, and touches on a number of compelling themes, including fatherhood,
mental health, death, rebirth, revenge and redemption. Audiences will come across new,
surprising outlooks at some classic DC characters along the way,
and be taken on a surprising journey to see Batman’s eventual fate.

Henchmen, directed and scripted by Adam Wood, is the animated super-hero movie with a
fantastic twist. Orphan Lester has always dreamed of becoming a supervillain – not hero –
and seizes an opportunity to enrol in a villain’s training camp. Whilst there, he meets his mentor
Hank (Marsden), and soon becomes well-aquainted with Hank’s crew of misfits who take him
under their wing. All’s going well until Lester accidentally gets trapped inside a suit of armour
with super-powers and becomes a fugitive on villain island, and a long exiled super-villain
returns, plotting to zombie-fy them all. Lester and the crew are left to save the day, and his
villainous identity soon comes into question! Action-packed and fun-filled, this title will have
the whole family laughing along.

Directed by Oscar-nominated Lydia Dean Pilcher, and with a production team and cast
dominated by women throughout, A Call To Spy is the World War II espionage thriller that tells
the tale of Winston Churchill’s female recruits who were thrust into a bold and dangerous
mission. Inspired by true stories, this title explores how ‘spy mistress’ Vera Atkins and her two
unusual recruits, Virginia Hall – an ambitious American with a wooden leg -, and Noor Inayat
Khan – a Muslim pacifist – conducted sabotage and helped to undermine the Nazi regime in
France. A beautifully crafted true story of brave women who put everything at risk, driven by
the stakes of humanity.

Dinner With Friends, produced by Ben Stiller and with an all star female cast of Jane Seymour,
Kat Dennings and Malin Åkerman, is the hilarious comedy to get audiences through October.
Glamorous newly-divorced actor Molly, (Akerman) and her recently dumped best friend Abby
(Dennings), decide to take their minds off their loves lives and host a ‘friendsgiving’ dinner.
Together, with their diverse group of friends and strange acquaintances, they take part in the
dysfunctional and chaotic dinner that will have audiences in stitches.

The Tax Collector starring Shia LeBeouf continues the thrill and suspense this October.
Written and directed by Suicide Squad’s David Ayer, this crime thriller tells the grisly tale of a
drug lord’s tax collector (LeBeouf) and his partner whose job is to round up cash from gang
activity in the area. David (Soto) is the more humane of the two, and Creeper (LeBeouf) is the
muscle and brutality behind the operation. Most of the time they get what they need, but
audiences can also tell the fragility of their own situation, and if their job doesn’t get done, their
own lives are at risk.

Looking at Starzplay, which can be found on Rakuten TV, comes Power Book II: Ghost, the
eagerly-anticipated first spin-off series from Power. The sequel follows Tariq navigating his
new life, in which his desire to shed his father’s legacy comes up against the mounting
pressure to save his family. As well, coming to Starzplay is season two of The Spanish
Princess, returning viewers to the world of Tudor royal court intrigue and the story of
Catherine of Aragon and her quest to the English Throne. With season one left on a tense
cliff-hanger, what will season two have in store for Catherine when her husband-to-be starts
having doubts about her?

Not forgetting Rakuten TV’s free AVOD channel, with brand new titles available in October:
Austenland, In A World…, I Spy, Tucker & Dakes Vs Evil, Premium Rush, Lake Placid, Surf´s
Up 2: Wavemania, The 5th Wave, The Walk, and Lakeview Terrace.