Parkour world champion & Hollywood stuntman film jaw-dropping free-running video for Amazon Prime’s explosive boxing drama, Toofaan

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World champion Parkour athlete David Nelmes stars in a jaw-dropping stunt video alongside fellow professional and Hollywood stuntman (Wonder Woman 1984) Joe Scandrett and social media maverick Harry Gallagher as they conquest the rooftops of London in a video which leaves viewers half hiding behind their hands, half fixed in amazement. The three daredevils can be seen scaling rooftops, apartment blocks and weaving through alleyways as they take the rather alternative route to land on their sofa’s to watch Amazon Prime’s latest Original blockbuster.

The video is filmed in line with the global premiere of their hotly anticipated boxing drama, Toofaan which is produced by Excel Entertainment (Emmy nominated Inside Edge) and stars the international icon, multi-award winning actor, music artist and UN Women Goodwill Ambassador Farhan Akhtar as a reformed goon who seeks to make a name for himself in the sport of boxing. The drama takes audiences on a journey of his fall and triumphant comeback from the streets of Mumbai slums against all odds, and features the flagship ‘Todun Taak (Break it)’ track which plays in the video as the three seemingly defy gravity.

British free runner and global champion David Nelmes is famed for his hair-raising videos, from Santorini to Leeds, and has over 59k followers on Instagram who stop by his page to be amazed by his fearless showreels. David is joined by Harry Gallagher, otherwise known as ‘Nightscape’ who many may remember for his viral video climbing to the top of the 771ft Canary Wharf skyscraper in London. Harry has over 1 million subscribers to his YouTube channel. Finally, Joe Scandrett makes up the final member of the trio and he is best known for his role as a stuntman in flagship Hollywood films such as Wonderwoman 1984.

Toofaan premiere’s globally on Amazon Prime Video on Friday 16th July and is available in 240 countries around the world. The trailer is out now!