Rakuten TV treat fans this August with brand-new releases including Ava and The High Note

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Rakuten TV is giving film fans a treat this August with a selection of brand-new releases including Ava and The High Note (in 4K HDR), available at the click of a Smart TV button.  Skipping the cinema and heading straight to the platform are Endings, Beginnings, Gretel and Hansel, Lake Michigan Monster, All Nighter and Break, the perfect titles that will truly make for a home cinematic experience this summer. 

From the director of The Girl On The Train comes the exciting release of the new action-thriller Ava, starring Jessica Chastain, Colin Farrell, John Malkovich and Ioan Gruffudd. Deadly assassin (Chastain) is the best of her kind, but after breaking with protocol she soon finds herself targeted by her own black ops organisation and a fight for survival ensues in this action-packed title.  And there is more high-octane action on offer in Message Man, which sees retired assassin (Paul O’Brien) unable to escape his past. Stumbling across violent crime and injustice in a remote village, he is forced to unleash his brutality to go on one final killing spree to make things right.

Star-studded epic romantic drama, Endings, Beginnings features Shailene Woodley in the middle of a complicated and agonizing love triangle with Jamie Dornan and Sebastian Stan. Centered around troubled Daphne (Woodley), who finds herself romantically entangled with two best friends (Dornan and Stan), her journey of self-discovery soon turns into a battle between security and passion as she has to choose between two very different men. A tense and telling exploration of unconventional relationships, this film paves a new path for romance tales.

The High Note sees ambitious and underappreciated intern Maggie (Dakota Johnson) become fed up with running errands for musical sensation Grace Davis (Tracee Ellis Ross), rather than fulfilling her own dream to produce music. But when Grace decides to make a new album, Maggie seems to be the only one who can get behind her on this new venture. A sunny, heart-warming comedy with a punchy edge, this upbeat title – that has real life musicians Ice Cube and Diplo amongst its cast – hits every note. The movie will be available in 4K HDR.

All Nighter starring Analeigh Tipton, Emile Hirsch and J.K.Simmons is yet another hilarious comedy, telling the story of a distant father (Simmons) recruiting the help of his daughter’s awkward ex-boyfriend (Hirsch) to find her after she goes missing. The unlikely duo make for an entertaining watch as they journey across the city following clues, and getting into their own trouble along the way.

Comedy fans are in for a treat with Pete Davidson’s semi-autobiographical comedy The King Of Staten Island. This revealing film, filled with pensive, honest emotion and hilarious dry humour all rolled into one, follows Scott (Davidson), a twenty-something screw up, grieving the tragic death of his father, and well on his way to living a dead-end life. Director Judd Apatow brings his well-known unforgiving comic candor and helps Davidson tell this soulful New York story which eventually sees Scott’s life turn a bright new corner.

Mad-cap comedy Lake Michigan Monster pays homage to zany 1950’s horror flicks, as eccentric Captain Seafield takes on the role of man verses beast in this farcical and nonsensical tale in which the Captain and his crew fight a monster from the deep in a Michigan holiday haven.  Shot in grainy black & white and featuring over-the-top performances alongside a ludicrous plotline, viewers will be left both charmed and baffled, but thoroughly entertained. Horror fans who are looking for straight up chills and scares without the comedy element need to look no further as Gretel and Hansel, a spine-chilling update of the Brothers Grimm classic fairy tale, is added to the platform. 

Action-packed Break is a British gangster film that tells the underdog story of Spencer, a talented youth caught up in a world of crime. As he’s given the opportunity to truly test out his talents at snooker, the other, more complicated aspects of his life also come to a head. Will it be too late for him to turn things around? And, a war-story like no other, The Rifleman tells the story of Artur, a 16-year-old forced into battle in the First World War in Russia. Artur is introduced to the harsh and brutal reality of war but, despite being stripped of all hope and members of his family, he finds the strength to carry on and make it back to his homeland for a fresh start.


With plenty of big names coming to the platform, watch these titles and more on Rakuten TV this August

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