Revealed: the world’s favourite superheroes…

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Think superheroes… You’ve got Spiderman, Black Panther, Avengers, Wonder Woman, plus many many more. The list is iconic, timeless and endless. But the variation in favourites around the world is not so same-same.
At least according to the latest study by CashLady, which analysed Google search data to reveal not just the world’s favourite superhero movie, but also each country’s. Here are the results by country and map:
The UK’s favourite superhero movie is Captain Marvel. She is also the world’s favourite female-led superhero, sorry Wonder Woman!
The world’s favourite superhero is Black Panther, which featured top in 48 countries around the globe, including: Canada, Ireland, South Africa, Thailand, New Zealand, USA, plus many more!
The world’s top 5 favourite superheroes:
  1. Black Panther – favourite in 48 countries
  2. Spiderman – favourite in 21 countries
  3. Captain Marvel – favourite in 14 countries
  4. Deadpool – favourite in 13 countries
  5. Wonder Woman – favourite in 12 countries
The battle: Marvel or DC Comics?
Marvel comes out on top, with 4 out of 5 of the top 10 superheroes coming from this movie franchise.
Wonder Woman is the only DC Comics superhero to appear in the top five.