REVIEW: Dead Ringer film (2018) dir. by Richard Colton

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”Definitely worth checking out!”

Dead Ringer, an indie action flick has created a lot of noise since its release on the 17th September, selling out on Amazon within two days and holding a glamorous Leicester Square premiere full of celebrities on the red carpet.

The film follows Jamie Poulton’s adventure as he replaces his lookalike with a successful music career and leaving everything behind.

Amar Adatia, produces the flick and also had a supporting role. Adatia has stepped up his game with a host of international locations and cameo roles from Hollywood’s Tom Sizemore (Saving Private Ryan), Dannielle Harold as female lead (East Enders) and also stars from the music industry: Sinitta and DJ Tom Zanetti as the film evolves around the music.

Luke White’s appearances and varied looks throughout the film have introduced his successful debut in a feature. Amar Adatia’s new look has also enhanced his outstanding performance of a villan.

The film’s unexpected twists and vivid action definitely keep you in the edge of your seat and the original track “On Fire” preformed by Luke White and Shide Boss is definitely worth checking out!

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