RIDDLE OF FIRE premieres on the Icon Film Channel 6 May & In UK cinemas 7 June

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Critically acclaimed, retro-inspired comedy adventure, Riddle of Fire, premieres in the UK exclusively on the Icon Film Channel from 6th May, before releasing in selected UK cinemas from 7th June.

A fantastical and whimsical tale billed as “the coolest debut from Cannes”, this unique neo-fairytale, beautifully shot on 16mm, is an unforgettable concoction of Romanticism, British folklore, and the western genre that celebrates the power of imagination. The film has screened to critical acclaim at a selection of prestigious festivals including Quinzaine des Cinéastes / Directors’ Fortnight, Toronto International Film Festival, Fantastic Fest, and Sitges International Film Festival in 2023.

The feature debut of writer and director Weston Razooli, it stars Lio Tipton (Crazy Stupid Love, Warm Bodies), Charles Halford (Constantine, True Detective) and Austin Archer (The Night Clerk) alongside the young cast of Lorelei Olivia Mote, Phoebe Ferro, Skyler Peters and Charlie Stover.

In the rolling hills of Wyoming, three mischievous children are tasked with collecting a blueberry pie from their local store. However, what begins as a simple errand soon evolves into an odyssey across the American West, as the intrepid trio faces poachers, witches, huntsmen, and fairies, who all seek to challenge them on their quest. Will the bonds of friendship prove strong enough to guide them home?

Riddle of Fire premieres exclusively on the Icon Film Channel from 6 May for 30 Days