Sammo Hung stars in this high-energy action-tribute to the films of Bruce Lee

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Eureka Entertainment to release SKINNY TIGER AND FATTY DRAGON; the buddy-cop action comedy starring Sammo Hung, Karl Maka and Lau Kar-wing, who also directs; on Blu-ray for the first time in the UK from a brand new 2K restoration as part of the Eureka Classics range. Available from 21 February 2022 in a Limited-edition 2-Disc set (3000 copies only) featuring I AM THE WHITE TIGER; a documentary on the career of stuntman, martial artist, and action director Mark Houghton; making its worldwide debut on Blu-ray.

Sammo Hung invokes the spirit of Bruce Lee in this high-energy action-tribute, playing a cop obsessed with the physical legacy of “The Little Dragon”.

Teaming up with the infamous “Skinny Tiger” (Karl Maka – the Aces Go Places series), Sammo becomes the larger ‘half’ of a luck-starved, crime fighting duo forced to fight a running battle against a crime syndicate of triad gangsters.

Combining brilliantly choreographed fight sequences and infectious physical comedy, this tour-de-force comedy-adventure showcases incredible action tributes to the films of Bruce Lee. Skinny Tiger and Fatty Dragon makes its UK debut on Blu-ray from a brand new 2K restoration!

Exclusive to this Limited Edition, Chiu Lee’s documentary I Am The White Tiger. Stuntman, action director, and martial artist Mark Houghton tells his story of breaking into the Hong Kong film industry, his struggle with injuries and depression, and the promise he made his teacher, the legendary filmmaker Lau Kar Leung.


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