Sardar Udham arrives on Amazon Prime Video this October

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Sardar Udham is the untold story of an extraordinary young man whose love for his motherland and his people drove him to dedicate his life to India’s freedom struggle.

A heart wrenching story of retribution, Sardar Udham showcases the journey of a gallant man who made sure the world never forgets the lives of his beloved brethren who were brutally killed in the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre of 1919.

Starring Vicky Kaushal (from Masan, Cannes Film Festival award-winner) as Sardar Udham Singh, the Amazon Original Movie is directed by Shoojit Sircar and produced by Ronnie Lahiri and Sheel Kumar.

Udham Singh avenged the Jallianwala Bagh massacre by shooting Michael O’Dwyer in London, in March, 1940. This is the story behind this fact – a tale of carrying an unhealed wound for 21 years, of un-relenting resolve and resilience, the distinct journey of ‘Sardar Udham’.

In 1919, resentment against the British had been building up in Punjab. In early April, the Lt. Governor of Punjab, Michael O’Dwyer decided to ‘restore order’ in the troubled city of Amritsar.

On the fateful day of April 13th, over 20,000 unarmed people assembled in Jallianwala Bagh. General Dyer reached the bagh with armed troops. Approximately 1650 rounds were fired in 10 minutes. It was a bloodbath!

Only 20-years-old at the time, Udham Singh, was deeply scarred by this massacre.

In 1931, Udham escaped from India and made his way into the mountains of Afghanistan, eventually reaching London via the sea in 1933-34.

In London, he spent the most decisive 6 years of his life, to re-ignite the revolution begun by his guru, Bhagat Singh, waiting patiently, to avenge the Jallianwala Bagh tragedy, to kill the man at the helm of affairs in Punjab, Michael O’Dwyer.

And in that single minded pursuit, gladly sacrificed his life.