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Launched this Monday 25th May 2020, Screen Anime is a brand new online film festival from Anime Limited offering a curated selection of four films, one bingeable TV series and many more unique benefits each month for only £3.98/mo or for a reduced £39.98/yr.

Open and welcome to all, Screen Anime represents an ideal opportunity for those new to the medium to discover quality hand-picked anime, while committed fans can enhance their experience by exploring extra features and much more.

Screen Anime is the next evolution of Anime Limited’s vision to bring the best of Japanese animated films to audiences across the UK & Ireland, following years of experience leading the genre both in cinemas and at home.

Andrew Partridge, CEO of Anime Limited explains the inspiration of Screen Anime; “Ever since founding the annual Scotland Loves Anime Film Festival, showcasing the best in theatrical anime has been a passion for me but how to keep doing that during this ongoing global situation we find ourselves in? The answer was to take the film festival experience online and at the same time address a gap we recognise from fan feedback in how theatrical anime is released to date.”

Members will be the guests to everything a film festival has to offer, from hotly anticipated premieres like the wild action sci-fi PROMARE, to opportunities to explore anime’s expansive history with classics like Royal Space Force – The Wings of Honnêamise.

New to anime? Then you can enjoy a shortcut to proven festival favourites like the upside-down fantasy world of Patema Inverted, while anime aficionados can heighten their experience with exclusive bonus content including PROMARE’s prequel short Side Story: Lio, or an interview with Penguin Highway director Hiroyasu Ishida.

For only £3.98/mo (or £39.98/yr), you can get the film festival experience at home, whilst supporting the creators in Japan. Fans who buy an annual Festival Pass will also receive a physical membership card that can unlock exclusive benefits like discounts on Anime Limited’s online store, at future conventions and more! Andrew Partridge expands on this with, “There are so many ideas we are excited at bringing to folks through Screen Anime over the coming months and I for one can’t wait to talk about them!”

Screen Anime is also committed to building a welcoming community open to fans of anime and complete newcomers with events like weekly watch-alongs and more to come! Join us on Twitter from 7:30pm this Thursday 28th May as we try and solve the cute mystery of Penguin Highway with #ScreenAnimeParty

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