Stranger Things Season 4 is UK’s Most Anticipated 2022 Netflix Release

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The next season of Stranger Things is the most anticipated Netflix 2022 release in the UK, new research has revealed.

As 2022 starts, the study by internet experts analysed the number of monthly online searches for Netflix 2022 releases to reveal the shows that people are most looking forward to watching this year.

Analysis of the data revealed that the fourth season of the popular series, Stranger Things, is UK’s most searched Netflix show, with an average of 89,000 searches each month. The show’s fourth season is set to be released worldwide in mid-2022.

The second most anticipated Netflix release is the live action series of Resident Evil, which has been searched on average 64,000 times each month over the past 12 months.

Bridgerton Season 2 ranks third on the list of Netflix shows that people in UK are excited to see, with the new season racking up an estimated 53,000 searches every month.

Coming in at fourth on the list is The Crown Season 5, one of Netflix’s biggest shows, which has received 41,000 monthly searches in the UK.

Virgin River Season 4 is the fifth most anticipated Netflix release coming in 2022, with each month seeing an average of 15,000 searches for the drama-romance show.