Superintelligence on 4K HDR, Cosmic Sin, Emperor, The Last Shift and more join Rakuten TV throughout March

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A fantastic selection of brand-new titles are joining Rakuten TV this March. A mixture of films from drama, comedy, horror and more join the platform, including Superintelligence (4K HDR), Cosmic Sin, Emperor, and The Last Shift alongside The True Adventures of Wolf Boy, Wander Darkly, The Kid Detective and The Bloodhound. Joining Rakuten TV’s Starzplay section is series 1 of the Iranian drama The Attaché. Plus, Rakuten TV’s FREE section adds Lost in London, The Captain, The International (2009), Freddy Got Fingered and 3 Days To Kill.

If audiences are looking to watch a sci-fi film but can’t decide between a comedy or fantasy, look no further as Rakuten TV brings both choices this month. Superintelligence is a romantic comedy that follows an all-powerful A.I (James Corden) as he chooses to study the most average person on Earth, Carol Peters (Melissa McCarthy). The fate of the world is up to Carol as she must prove that people are worth saving, or else the A.I. will decide to enslave or destroy humanity. Switching gears, Bruce Willis is back and fighting an alien force in the newly released, epic fantasy film Cosmic Sin. In order to end an interstellar war before it starts, Ford (Willis) is tasked to lead a ragtag band of rogue soldiers and go up against an army of alien soldiers.

Moving on to a fresh new selection of dramas comes two powerful films. Praised for the chemistry between Sienna Miller and Diego Luna, Wander Darkly explores the complexity of relationships when a traumatic accident takes a couple on a disorienting journey through the duality of their shared moments. Emperor takes audiences back in time in the historical drama based on the true story of a slave, Shields Green (Dayo Okeniyi), nicknamed Emperor, who escaped to freedom and participated in abolitionist John Brown’s (James Cromwell) raid on Harpers Ferry.

Comedy fans are in for a treat in March, as they can enjoy Richard Jenkins soulful performance in The Last Shift, also starring Shane Paul McGhie. Stanley (Jenkins) finally decides to quit his job at the local fast-food restaurant after 40 years of service. Tasked with hiring his own replacement, he meets Jevon (McGhie), a young, once-promising writer now on probation from the county jail. Directed by Andy Cohn, this fantastic drama provides some light-hearted comedy whilst also exploring the politics of class, identity and race. In a similar vein, The Kid Detective, starring Adam Brody, is undoubtedly the dark comedy of the year. Abe (Brody) is a self-loathing private detective, living in the shadow of his former 12-year-old self who gained fame at a young age for solving low stake mysteries. Now a grown man, a real crime falls in his lap and offers him a chance of redemption. A sharp comedy with shockingly dark twists, it’s not one to miss.

The True Adventures of Wolf Boy starring Jarden Martell and Sophie Giannamore is charming, quick-witted, and a modern day fairy-tale. With his entire body and face covered in thick hair, 13-year-old Paul is treated as an outcast. Whilst following Paul on a desperate quest to find his mother, this coming-of-age adventure story encourages audiences to embrace their inner self and accept who they are. Switching up the pace significantly is Patrick Pickard’s stylish debut feature The Bloodhound. Promoting an atmosphere of suffocation from the outset, this spine-tingling thriller packed with riddles will undoubtedly have audiences checking underneath their bed at night.

Furthermore, a host of titles are added to Rakuten TV’s ad-supported FREE channel from 1st March including Lost in London (Daniel Radcliffe, Owen Wilson, Woody Harrelson), The Captain (Max Hubacher, Alexander Fehling, Sebastian Rudolph), The International (2009) (Clive Owen, Naomi Watts, Armin Mueller-Stahl), Freddy Got Fingered (Tom Green, Rip Torn, Marisa Coughlan) and 3 Days to Kill (Kevin Costner, Hailee Steinfeld, Connie Nielsen).

Headed to StarzPlay on 7th March is series one of the new Israeli drama The Attaché, which tells the story of Avshalom, a successful musician who relocates to Paris for his wife Annabelle’s new job as the Attaché to the Israeli embassy. Becoming an anonymous immigrant in a foreign land soon takes on a new meaning as Avshalom arrives on the same day as the largest terror attack in French history. Their dream romantic year abroad quickly turns into a nightmare – and the series explores Avshalom’s crisis of masculinity and fatherhood.

Rakuten TV’s Unforgettable Entertainment promotion has a range of offers on some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters including Bill & Ted Face The Music, Avengers: Endgame, Joker and more from 15th – 28th March.

With the Golden Globes nominations having just been announced, audiences can also head over to Rakuten TV to catch up on some of the nominated films and TV shows including Tenet, The Personal History of David Copperfield, Onward and Emma, as well as the latest shows available to watch on Starzplay including The Great and Ramy.