The New Hit Show Coming Soon: Dr. Phlill

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Ever had a roommate that is just too insane for words? Like your friends don’t even believe you when you talk about them?  Well welcome to the life of Adeline Ramsden!  A somewhat normal woman living in Los Angeles with an insane roommate, Lillian “Dr.phlill”, who believes her new reality show as a couple’s therapist is the next best thing and Adie and her boyfriend are about to become her patients.

This is the premise of the latest comedic film Dr. Phlill which stars Australian actress Lilly Dennis and South African actress Amy Letcher, this comedic pair is straight up the best thing to hit our screens this year.  The couple have an incredible chemistry that is a constant back and forth, that will have you in stiches for hours.  Luckily, the recent film Dr. Phlill was ordered for a three-season run and we cannot wait.

Bravemaker Productions are producing three seasons of Dr. Phlill which is currently in development.  There is an epidemic of films being turned into series right now and Dr. Phlill is obviously no exception.  The stars of the film recently attended a screening in LA where they spoke out about the good news, “It was a complete shock when we found out that the film is being turned into a series.

The film was something that we all took on thinking this would be a one and done project and we are all thrilled that it has been so well received and that we are going to keep going with these characters.”  Dennis who plays “Dr. Phlill” said, Amy Letcher who plays her counter-part added, “I think we both are just excited to see what happens with these characters over three seasons, I’m excited to see if Adie (Letcher’s character) and Michael (played by Blair Beck) make it down the aisle with Lillian involved.”  SPOILER! Yes, in case you haven’t seen the film there is a proposal involved.


Stay tuned at for all developments regarding the new series!

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