Tribeca Selected IN PASSING, a story of love enduring in a world that prioritises productivity over human connection

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Writer, director, and producer Hillia Aho’s IN PASSING is a film that makes you investigate your own home and see whether you prioritise love over work or vice versa. We follow the story of Rey a burnt-out sous-chef working at a high-pressure New York City restaurant whilst her long-time partner Elle spends her days at home as a painter creating commissioned pet portraits. The work imbalance rises and causes tension between the already strained couple. Writer and director Hillia Aho is a proud queer filmmaker and IN PASSING is a deeply personal reflection of her life and work. The live-action short film has been selected for the world premiere in competition at the prestigious OSCAR-qualifying Tribeca Festival this June. IN PASSING was selected from 8,096 submissions, with its three screenings selling out in just thirty minutes.
A burnt-out chef struggles to navigate her growing resentment towards her romantic partner, a fledgling painter. Can their love endure in a world that prioritizes productivity over human connection?
Writer, director, and producer Hillia Aho is a queer artist and filmmaker. Her work explores human connection, solitude, and our relationship to the natural world. She grew up in rural Maine, which remains her preferred shooting location. She exercises her roots in visual art with her filmic style, often incorporating practical effects. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Media Arts and Culture and is currently a graduate film thesis student at NYU.
The beautiful cinematography which captures the heart and soul of the film was created by Kaitlyn T. Busbee.
This thought-provoking film will premiere on Saturday, June 10th at 3:30 pm, followed by screenings on Sunday, June 11th at 12:30 pm and Saturday June 17th at 9 pm.