Actor John Barrowman dishes the dirt on the new Fireman Sam movie

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Actor John Barrowman stars as the devious Hollywood A-list actor, Flex Dexter, who goes rogue and causes mayhem in Pontypandy (and even ends up getting Fireman Sam sacked from his job), in the brand new Fireman Sam movie “Fireman Sam: Set For Action” which premieres on Cartoonito (Sky 619 Virgin 706 BT 488), Monday 22nd October at 8am.

The new Fireman Sam movie is going to be very exciting, action-packed and for those who are Fireman Sam fans, you are going to absolutely love it.

Borrowman told us “A little bit of Hollywood has been brought to Fireman Sam and he’s going to be the star of a movie, however my character Flex Dexter, who is an A-lister movie star, hasn’t really had a hit recently. He is invited to be in this film, but he doesn’t realise that he is being asked to be the co-star and not the star. Being the Hollywood guy that he is, he causes a bit of havoc and mayhem on the set, in order to get Fireman Sam fired or pushed out, so that Flex Dexter can come in and be the hero.”

Discussing what makes this film different Borrowman added  “it’s a whirlwind, rollercoaster ride of fun, action and adventure.”

Talking about preparing for the role Borrowman said “I like to hope that I’m not an actor that is like Flex Dexter, but being an actor who is playing another actor, it’s fun.”

He added “I was able to reach into my files of people that I have worked with who might be a bit like the character of Flex Dexter – I’m not going to tell you who they are though! It wasn’t very difficult to find Flex Dexter in myself, I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing!”