Jonathan Sothcott’s THE KRAYS – DEAD MAN WALKING continues huge home entertainment success

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Jonathan Sothcott, 38, is the leading producer of British gangster movies with cult classics Vendetta, We Still Kill The Old Way and Fall of the Essex Boys selling over a million DVDs and his latest hit, which stars Rita Simons and the late Leslie Grantham, continues the trend, still flying off the shelves in supermarkets throughout the UK.

The Krays – Dead Man Walking enjoyed the biggest first week of any non-theatrical British film of 2018 and peaked at number 8 in the National chart, ahead of the likes of Black Panther. The film, which focuses on their jailbreak and subsequent murder of Frank Mitchell, ‘The Mad Axeman’ and was a critical as well as financial hit. The Mail On Sunday described it as “very good” in their four star review.

Hereford Films, the company which produced the film, has a busy upcoming slate with gangland home invasion film Reckoning Day, We Still Die The Old Way, Assault On Hazard Rock and a sequel to the Krays on the horizon, proving that the independent British film sector is booming.

Sothcott, a film industry veteran with over 40 movies to his name has worked with Ray Winstone, Jason Statham, Mark Hamill and Sir Roger Moore. He won ‘Most Innovative Film Production CEO 2018 – UK’ at the CEO Monthly Global Excellence Awards this year

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