Film Review – Override (2021)

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A perfectly put together housewife (Jess Impiazzi) wakes up to start the day, living in a beautiful pink doll house set in the 70s. She spends a day with her beloved husband Jack (Luke Goss), choring around and cooking for him before she settles to watch her favourite TV show in the evening.

To our surprise, the idealistic 70s marriage is spoiled as the day after Ria follows the same routine, only with a different man, who she also calls “Jack” (Amar Adatia).

We soon discover that the perfect 70s housewife life, is a setup for TV show and Ria herself, is far from human – she’s in fact an android created for the pleasures of the TV viewership and contestants participating as Ria’s husbands. Everyone, including the Vice President is a fan of the show.

During the second half of the film, political conspiracy reveals as one of the contestants is getting a payback on the VP himself and hacks Ria.

Override contains a brilliant mixture of Black Mirror themed episode and action to keep us gripped and continues with its narrative momentum throughout.

Override Review: 4/5


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