Huda Razzak’s OSCAR® qualified animated short THE OCEAN DUCK a timeless story bringing to life a family’s ancient tale

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Huda Razzak’s THE OCEAN DUCK is a beautiful story of a young woman who visits her loving sick grandmother in hospital and together brings to life an ancient tale. This phenomenal short is based on a poem in Rumi’s Masnavi, describing a duck that is raised by chickens, despite its true home being the ocean – a symbol for the eternal. This touching yet uplifting film has qualified to be considered for the 95th Academy Awards® after winning Best Animated Short at New York International Children’s Film Festival. Now this beautiful film can be seen at the prestigious Hamptons International Film Festival on October 10th 2022.

A granddaughter visits her ailing grandma in a hospital during a flood, bringing back fond memories of the past – spilling over into fantastical visions in the present – as an ancient tale comes to life.

Writer, producer and director Huda Razzak was born in Chicago to parents who immigrated from Iraq. In 2021, she graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) with a Master of Fine Arts degree in Animation, focusing primarily on story and production. Huda is also a two-time Screen Craft finalist, former ISF Film Grant recipient, and selected participant in a directing mentorship with Women in Animation. She currently works as a Story & Editorial Production Assistant at Netflix Animation.

Co-Director My Anh Ngo was born and raised in Vietnam. She has a master’s degree in Animation from the Savannah College of Art and Design, specializing in 2D character animation. Prior to co-directing on THE OCEAN DUCK she worked on WOLFBOY and the Everything Factory animated series as an animation intern at Bento Box Entertainment studio in Atlanta.

The incredible illustration was created by Katarzyna Doszla and the stunning music was created by Stephanie Hamelin Tomala. The screenplay was co-written with Toby Osborne and the stunning animation was led by My Anh Ngo, Denise Anger, and Ryen Goebel.