New drama explores one family’s passion for music – Coming To UK Cinemas 15th December!

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Central City Media is excited to announce that that their upcoming family drama, Band Four will be celebrating it’s UK premiere at HOME Manchester on the 3rd December followed by a UK cinema release from 15th December.

From award-winning Director Mo LAI Yan Chi and featuring music stars from across Hong Kong, Band Four follows Cat, played by Kay TSE, lead singer of indie band, Band Four, as she reunites with her estranged father, King following the death of her mother. King (Teddy Robin) only wishes to make amends and reunite his family introducing Cat to her half-sister Lok Yin.

After years of no contact, the newly reunited family struggle to form a bond, however, they all soon realise they share a deep passion and love for music and performing. A passion that Cat passed onto her son, the nine-year-old Riley who is an incredibly gifted drummer.

Through this love and passion for music, the once four strangers put aside the past and finally come together to support each other as a loving family. Through a shared love for music a dysfunctional household put aside their differences to come together and support each other as a loving family.

Speaking about the film Director Mo LAI Yan Chi said: “Since I grew up in an atypical family, ‘family’ is the motif of my creation. It is a process of exploration into myself and reflection on society. Hong Kong is a city with a variety of voices. The four family members in the film, with bloodline, half-bloodline or non-blood relations, have their own past, confusion, fear, and hope, which represent different generations in Hong Kong today carrying different voices.

If you find the best mates, as well as you find the best band! The film uses a band as a metaphor for the family and explores how different people gathered in harmony but diversity. Throughout the time together, the Band Four members, once divided from broken families, are now on the stage facing the unknown future.

A film about musicians is not a common scenery here, especially inviting local musicians playing the roles and created themself music that gives a life to the characters to move the story forward.”

BAND FOUR is coming to UK Cinemas from 15th December 2023